Workshop 2023/Advanced Endodontics


Prøv noget nyt! Workshoppen er en særlig mulighed for at sammenligne instrumenter og metoder med dem du allerede bruger og samtidig udveksle erfaringer med kolleger.

I denne workshop har Sendoline og Directa Dental allieret sig med Ammar Al Hourani fra England, som er en erfaren specialist og underviser. Du kan læse hans imponerende CV her: AmmarHouraniCV

Planen for workshoppen :


This three-hour hands-on endodontic course aims to develop an understanding of the steps required to achieve predictable, reproducible, and successful endodontic outcomes using evidence based endodontic principles. The blended learning approach brings together theoretical knowledge with hands-on training. The format will allow for consolidation of existing skills and development of new approaches to overcome common endodontic difficulties. 

Objectives and Learning Outcomes:

To appreciate the difficulties and complications curved and calcified canals can present in endodontic treatment and how they can be overcome using modern endodontic concepts and NiTi files. Thus preventing endodontic mishaps.

To establish endodontic methods of navigating curved and calcified canals utilising stainless steel K files and modern NiTi instruments to overcome the anatomical challenges they present in endodontic practice

To acknowledge the benefits and drawbacks of reciprocating vs rotary NiTi instrumentation in calcified and curved canals

To gain an understanding of the importance of scouting, coronal pre-flaring and establishing patency/ glidepath in order to chemo-mechanical debridement curved and calcified canals and how this can minimise iatrogenic damage within the root canal system

Gain a comprehensive overview of the importance of irrigation and intracanal medication in Endodontics and methods to improve irrigation efficacy and disinfection of the root canal system


  • Dato: 03. March 2023, kl. 09:00 - 12:00
  • Sted: Hindsgavl allé 7
  • Tilmelding indtil 23.02.2023 (00:00)

Adresse: Hindsgavl allé 7