Jeffrey Okeson (US) – CV og abstracts

  • Understanding how the brain processes pain
  • The phenomena of pain referral
  • The non-odontogenic toothache – Part 1 & 2

Michael Lindtoft (DK) – CV og abstracts

  • Asymptomatisk apikal parodontitis på den rodbehandlede tand. Skal jeg behandle nu eller observere?  – handouts

Andreas Riis (DK) – CV og abstracts

  • Filfrakturer! Hva’ skete der og er det et problem – handouts

Henrik Nielsen (DK)

  • Erstatning for den knækkede rodfil?


CV og abstracts

Antonis Chaniotis (GR)

  • Management of Severe Curvatures and Complex Anatomy with controlled memory files: A New Approach
  • Saving hopeless teeth with regenerative endodontic procedures

Lise-lotte Kirkevang (DK)

  • Endodonti i Danmark. Hvor er vi og hvor er vi på vej hen?

Eduardo Couve (CL)

  • The Dentin-pulp interface a view from Valparaíso

Ulla Pallesen (DK)

  • Koronal forsegling af endodonti behandlede tænder (I & II)


Christos Boutsioukis (NL) – CV og abstracts

  • A critical view on irrigant activation methods
  • An evidence-based approach to sodium hypochlorite accidents

Arnaldo Castellucci (I) – CV og abstracts

  • Difficulties and treatment solutions around retreatments
  • How to: Removing root filling materials and posts
  • How to: Find hidden canal orifices
  • Warm vertical obturation. Technique, Tips & Tricks


Jan Berghmans (B) – CV og abstracts

  • Hit & Miss? – The Diagnostic Quiz!
  • Breaking News about Cracked Teeth

Domenico Ricucci (I) – CV og abstracts

  • Biofilms in Endodontics – handouts
  • Wound Healing of Apical and Periapical Tissues Following Endodontic Treatment – handouts

Shanon Patel (GB) – CV og abstracts

  • BLACK HOLES – Radiographic Diagnosis of Periapical Periodontitis using CBCT
  • PINK SPOTS – Diagnosis & Management of External Cervical Resorption


George Bogen (USA) – CV

Eva Lauridsen (DK) – CV

  • Tandtraumer – kombinationsskader – abstract

Mads Juul (DK)

  • Inspiration til endokassetten – handouts


Markus Haapasalo (CAN)

  • Biofilms, new materials and multisonic instrumentation – abstract


Marga Ree (NL) – CV

  • Dilemmas in treatment planning handouts
  • Management of iatrogenic events – handouts

Paul Lambrechts (B) – CV


Paula Ng

  • Outcome of root canal treatment; The Eastman Study – abstract og CV

Lars Bjørndal (DK) – CV

  • Endodontic treatment: reasons, prevention and quality-shaping factors – handouts

Ghassan Yared (CAN)


Matthias Zehnder (CH)


Julian Webber (UK) – CV

  • Concepts in retreatment – abstract
  • Controversies in endodontics – abstract
  • Latest technology in preparation and filling og root canals – abstract